Partner Ice-it

If you are a producer and you have a product that is complementary to Ice-it, such as wine, beer or mineral water, we can create and market a new line together, combining ideas and experience, inventing and customising a new product, letting the final consumer retain the pleasure of independently mixing and creating their own virgin drink or cocktail.

In this way, from the union of the two brands, not only will a new product be born, but an idea of play and fun that will give ample space to the imagination and inspiration of the final consumer.


Combining some customization elements, which are already part of the way to build and present our drinks:

Our thermoformed tray of 4 cubes, in order to freeze "Match and Mix" and put the cube directly into the flut. "Match and Mix", melting, will give an effect of shaded colors creating coktails full of appeal.

Our sachets of natural food colors, already dosed for each cocktail, to give your color to your taste.

The edible magical power of real metal like gold, silver and bronze give your cocktail the preciousness and brilliance of a jewel.

and even more ..

we can brand the thermoformed to customize the shape of ice according to the tastes or needs of the customer, creating company logos or other.

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