Ice-it to business

Ice-it has the ideal recipe even for those who want to add value to their business.

If you already own an bar open to the public, you could include an Ice-it Corner equipped with mixing-dispenser and offer your clients a new way of drinking that is fun, ecological and tasty. You will be able to boost your business in a fast and easy way.

Or you could open an independent Ice-it Point.

A mobile structure fully equipped and customised for every need, characterised by our brand and supported by our communications. Thanks to our “1+4 space-saving” mixing ratio, the whole range of necessary products will always be available to your clients while taking up very little room.

If you have an outlet and you want to become an Ice-it Retailer, we will provide you with personalised display racks together with all the information material to support sale and after-sale services.

Ice-it is the smartest way to serve high-quality virgin drinks and cocktails. Fast and without any technical barman skills involved, Ice-it offers a range of product lines characterised by cocktails with a base of: prosecco, beer, vodka, rum, tequila, gin.

Besides our above-mentioned alcohol-based lines, our range of products includes lines for soft drinks, juices and teas, simply mixed with still or sparkling water, and fully respectful of the environment by also avoiding any use of traditional plastic bottles.

In our Ice-it Points or Ice-it Corners, all drinks will be served inbiodegradable paper cups, coupes or flutes rigorously made out of glass, branded with the Ice-it logo.

Moreover, you will receive constant support by our team and  become part of the Ice-it world, participating in its marketing and development operations, as well as being continuously updated on our products and business operations.

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