Discover ICE-IT

Preparing your favourite drink or cocktail with Ice-it is really easy.
Ice-it is the only existing pre-mix on the market that allows you to create perfect drinks by simply adding a small part of Ice-it (1/5) to your cocktail.
From concept to product, Ice-it is completely Italian.
Made in Italy
Ice-it uses exclusively eco-friendly materials avoiding any plastics.
Environmentally friendly
Ice-it uses only natural and carefully selected first-rate ingredients.
With a ratio of one part Ice-it to four parts base (prosecco, beer, water, etc.) in just a few seconds you’ll have your sophisticated virgin drink or cocktail, even if you're not a barman.

The world of ICE-IT

While still being a young and growing company, Ice-it has reached a level of experience that allows it to offer a reliable consultancy service to satisfy the client’s needs and requests.
The company
Ice-it has the ideal recipe even for those who want to add value to their business.
Ice-it to business
Ice-it Experience
Ice-it Experience
If you are a producer and you have a product that is complementary to Ice-it, such as wine, beer or mineral water, we can create and market a new line together, combining ideas and experience, inventing and customising a new product, letting the final consumer retain the pleasure of independently mixing and creating their own virgin drink or cocktail.
Partner Ice-it
To add a touch of originality and elegance to any kind of event, from parties and receptions to meetings and corporate events, Ice-it can offer the best creative solutions with its experience and professionalism.
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